Family Fun Center, Harrisburg, PA

It’s time to take a break from the regular everyday grind and head over to the Family Fun Center in Harrisburg, PA for some much-needed family fun and activities! Located not far from Hershey Park, this amazing family fun center offers a plethora of activities for the whole family to enjoy, from mini golf and go-karts to climbing walls and a trampoline park. For those who enjoy a good game of mini golf, the Family Fun Center offers a two-level indoor mini golf course that is sure to add some friendly competition to the day. Players can race each other around the course, vying for the best score and bragging rights! If your family is looking for a little more speed, the go-karts are an absolute must. With up to 10 laps, each driver can race against their family and friends at their own pace. Further facts about Harrisburg, PA can be found here.

Maybe you’re in the mood for something a little more challenging (and a bit more thrilling): if so, the Family Fun Center climbing wall is a great activity. With 12 separate climbing walls, up to two people can climb their way to the top of the wall in no time, working together to reach the top. For those looking for a good workout, the bouldering gym is the perfect way to get the heart rate up. If a less intense workout is preferred, the Family Fun Center trampoline park is a perfect choice. With jump structures, aerial activities, and more, the trampoline park is sure to be a hit! No family fun trip is complete without some snacks to fuel the fun and energy. The Family Fun Center offers a wide selection of snacks and treats, from pretzels and nachos to pizza and ice cream. No matter the family’s tastes and cravings, there’s something for everyone conveniently located within the Center. See here for information about Capital Area Greenbelt, Harrisburg, PA.